Appeal dog rescue story leads to $25,000 donations

Appeal dog rescue story leads to $25,000 donations

Naples-based pet countenance organization Brooke’s Legacy Animal Rescue has won a $25,000 donations from the Petco Foundation in recognition of the rehabilitation and following adoption of Hansa Rose, now named Deeogee (or “D.O.G.”), a former bait dog that had been used to train other canines for dog fighting.



Brooke’s Legacy volunteers are often alerted to animals that are close to being in slowly killing. In February 2012, group founder Tink Bechtol received a tip that immediately struck her as urgent. When members arrived at Miami-Dade Animal Services to retrieve Hansa Rose, she was hours away from being suppress. Upon inspection, they discovered the dog had suffered incredible physical and emotional trauma as a result of being bound from defending herself as other animals were trained to attack her for sport.

Her eyes were on the end of being lost all together, her teeth were impure, and she had wide scarring injures all over her body and face. After undergoing medical and emotional rehabilitation for a variety of old injuries, she proved to her caregivers to be a very sweet animal with a gentle configuration.


 She wasn’t totally free of the emotional scars from her time as bait dog, however,

“She was a great dog great with people, but very overwhelmed with other dogs,” says Brooke’s Legacy volunteer Karen Hill. “She couldn’t go to events. She would do this bark that was so terrifying no one would take her.”

When the rescue organization stepped up its efforts to find a home for Hansa Rose, local resident Cheryl Klein clarified about adopting her with the intention of using her as an emotional support dog. Ms. Klein is recognized as incapable due to chronic migraines headache and the post-traumatic stress disturbance she suffered after her child’s sudden and tragic death a few years ago. She couldn’t afford to purchase a fully trained support animal, however, so she waited three years until she learned about Hansa Rose.


Deeogee was taking home by Ms. Klein on Nov. 1, 2013 the anniversary of her daughter’s death.

“My ultimate goal for her was to be a service dog, so I had to put her in private training,” Ms. Klein says. “I worked very hard with her to overcome her fear of other animals. Her instinct was to defend herself.”


She believes she and Deeogee have bonded because they suffer similar emotional disturbance.

Now they comfort one another during episodes.

The friend of Ms. Klein at Brooke’s Legacy Animal Rescue barely recognizes Deeogee today. The dog that would instinctively cry or attack when in the presence of another dog now has play dates with pups of all shapes and sizes.

“She is so happy,” she says. “Everybody brings their dogs to her and she smiles from ear to ear.”


“We can’t take away the ills of our past, but we can forge through a future together,” Ms. Klein says about her incredible canine companion. “I don’t know what the future will bring for me, but that’s what we’re doing for each other.”

Brooke’s Legacy is an all volunteer organization that embraces adoptable dogs and cats until permanent homes are found.


Petco’s annual Holiday Wishes grant program awards exemplary animal welfare organizations money to continue their work and save more animals like Deeogee. This year’s first-place winner, Yavapai Humane Society in Arizona, received $100,000.

Brooke’s Legacy Animal Rescue won one of five third place grants.


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