Beautiful pet saving a veteran

Beautiful pet saving a veteran

This is a true story about a veteran suffered from severe PTSD and was extremely depressed.

He considered taking his own life until a very special dog was brought to him and changed everything around him.

Dogs and their kindhearted are always amazing in this video we will watch the story of a depressed veteran who was living a boring and desperate life as work in the military affected his soul negatively.

He has physical and physiological injuries that he doesn’t know how to heal.

He thinks that he wants to live with someone that he can feels safe with.


He decided to adopt a dog, so he went to a dog shelter asking the vet to choose a dog for him, it doesn’t differ with him if it is a male or female or even the color or the breed, all what he wants is someone to love him and share his life loving and caring for him.

The vet chooses Dedy;it was a cute black dog and when he first saw the dog he looked in her eyes and it was the love from the first sight.


He took the dog home with him happily and they both started to know each other.

both the dog and the veteran loved each other deeply.

Dedy changed his life totally, she estimated him with power, love and happiness.

The vet mentioned that his life totally turned to be happy and full of joy.

Dedy gives him a second chance to live a happy and enjoying life. They live an amazing life together.


As Dedy was so happy that she is now living in a home feeling safe and comfort in it he also was living an awesome moments of love care with Dedy.

He wants to feel that he is being loved and that there is someone in his life to take care of.

He mentioned that if he didn’t meet her he would have died.

He also noted that he is a rescued person because she is with him now.

Buddy sitting at the point

They are living happily together.

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