The best 10 dogs you will ever seen

The best 10 dogs you will ever seen

This video shows beautiful ten big dog breeds.

Though they are huge but they are funny.

The black large German Shepherd is playing with his owner in the park; they were running and playing around. He is holding a towel with his sharp teeth and his owner is trying to take it from him but the dog refuses to leave it and this shows how his teeth are strong and sharp.

German Shepherd laying on the green grass

The big Doberman Pinscher is playing with a baby in the house, the baby is happy and playing as if he is playing with his mom, he is not realizing how huge this one is. Both the dog and the baby are really funny.


The massive Rottweiler  is relaxing having a bath, his owner is trying to get him out of the bath tub; it weighs 145 pounds .it is really heavy.

The man asked his dog to try to get out of the tub as he can’t hold him alone.


The Leonberger large one is ready to have his shower in his pool enjoying the sun and the good weather.

His owner helped him to jump in the pool as he is too heavy to jump in the pool alone.


This hilarious Bullmastiff is very tall. He is hugging and kissing his owner, though he looks giant but it seems that he is a loving dog.


 The black fat Cane Corso is lying on the floor beside a baby girl playing, watching TV and hugging each other. How funny to hug such a big and fat animal without fear.


The Neapolitan Mastiff is enormous and his head is so big. He is lying in the street relaxing with his owner. Though his shape looks terrible but he is sitting quietly playing with people in the street.


The Caucasian Shepherd is a big dog with a thick hair covering his body, she is taking care of her canine giving them tenderness and love.


What a Hilarious Irish wolfhound, he is a long and tall dog and he has a beautiful gray color. He is sitting with his owner in the bed room quietly laughing and playing.


Beautiful Saint Bernard dog has an amazing shape and size; tall, big and fat. The white and brown colors of his hair are wonderful. He is lying on the floor and a cute baby playing with him and trying to sit on its back.


How nice and awesome are these dog breeds. Don’t miss to watche the video and share it with your friends.

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