The exotic truth about purebred dogs and why mutts are better

 The exotic truth about purebred dogs and why mutts are better

Did you know that in the last 100 years 90% of dog breeds were created?

Or that “purebred” dogs are actually generations of mixing and matching until someone was satisfied with how the dog looked, and then considers it “pure”?

In the video above, Adam explains how purebreds were born out of England 100 years ago, when competitive dog breeding was all the rage among the wealthy.


In this installment of Adam Ruins Everything, Adam Can over lays out some tough realities about purebred dogs.  Some of these facts are actually quite startling. Cancer deaths, skulls that are too small for their brains, and births that can only occur via c-section!


Adam is will tell us what are the purebreds.

“Not only we are so called purebreds’ real genetic disease, dog breeds unreal thing so, we actually made them up. We will talk about dogs not natural created in that way. Mixed dogs are different of many types of bread. The mixed are 1/5 retriever, 1/6 poodle, 1/12 Border collie and some chow in there.

But in fact, most of dogs are in natural healthy states in pure breading are from agnatic manipulations humans made up just to mutts we and 90% of our purebreds are just created in the last 100years.


 In 90th century the Victoria’s England eugenics with all the rage create along breads became a fat among wealthy. After these Dr. Frankishtain declare a weird little monster as a purebred. The purebreds are not a healthy dog. When you thing new bread you should think inbred”.

Remember though, as educational as this might be, every dog is deserving of a loving family, in any case of where it originated from. Choosing a dog as a companion should be about more than just the breed!


 People really don’t know anything about dogs!

Most pound dogs have so many problems they have big vet bills all their life.

Pound dogs are fixed so young that they cannot develop correctly and end up with joint problems, bone cancer etc. If they would allow them to be fixed closer to two years of age they would have a greater chance of a longer life and a healthier life.


Most breeders of purebred dogs do health testing on their adults’ parent dogs so as to produce a healthier dog with little to no problems in life and longer spread of life.

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